All The Wrongs That Bollywood Movies Taught Us.

Bollywood movies have been a significant influencer for decades now. Their power to influence their audience has only increased until now. Bollywood movies are not just considered a source of entertainment but a way of life in India. The movie stars are considered no less than Gods. And this power to influence people has given the creators the freedom to show whatever they think is right even if it is wrong in real life.

And I am not talking about the shitty movies, which are total garbage, but the superhit movies that intentionally or not convey some message that is not suitable for the audience to follow. Here I have mentioned some things that are *I think* manipulated and wronged by Bollywood moviemakers.

  1. The concept of love and relationship:

One of the most important concepts or a part of all our lives that is manipulated, wronged, and shown in a way that changed the whole belief systems in love. There are many things that take part in love and relationships which portrayed by these movies is entirely wrong.

  • Love at First Sight: There are tons of movies promoting or showing love at first sight. In actual life, the concept of love, at first sight, is total bullshit. You cannot love anyone just by looking at him/her first time. You may get attracted to the person or just like the person by the looks but loving someone at first sight, disgraces the depth of love.
  • Stalking: Many movies like Ranjhanna, Badrinath Ki Dulhania, etc. which promoted stalking and normalized it as if nothing’s wrong in stalking and teasing a girl just because you like her. Even though your intentions are not bad, it’s wrong to stalking a girl and disrespecting her privacy, choice, and decision.
  • To go for any extent in love: A Complete Bullshit. In all the movies, it is shown that people in love are ready to cross any limit to be and stay in love. A foremost example of this is Bajirao Mastani. Where one of India’s best warrior Bajirao; who hasn’t lost a single war, is ready to abandon the knightship, his county and his family (which also includes his previous wife who loves him and he loves her too) just because he loves Mastani and wants to stay with her.

Or Kabir Singh, where our righteous hero Kabir cannot cope with his breakup and is abusively drinking, smoking, and using substances in his hospital our, heck even before the surgery; jeopardizing the life of the patient. You’d say it’s just a movie but wonder about the people influenced by drinking, smoking, hitting, or using substances habit. You know why because everything of the above is justified as our hero cannot handle a breakup.

  • Extra Marital affair: There is ‘N’ number of movies that show extramarital affairs. Where our hero or heroine committed in a marriage have an affair. Initially, they show it as an extramarital affair is wrong. They try to justify that finding a ‘Soulmate’ after the marriage is not wrong. It’s a wholly manipulated concept. Let me give you an example of a Hollywood movie “Before We Go” of Chris Evans and Alice Eve wherein one scene Alice Eve tries to justify extramarital affairs or cheating in a relationship as “It’s Possible that you could meet somebody who’s perfect for you, even though you are committed to somebody else” To which Chris Evans replies “No. No. See, I think if you’re committed to somebody, you don’t allow yourself to find perfection in someone else.”
  1. Stereotyping females:

Movies all over these years are made keeping the storyline all about the heroes, and heroines are considered nothing more than just the hero’s love interest. As if they do not have any other work, dream, or plans other than to be in love with the hero.

DDLJ is a prime example of such movies. The “Blockbuster Romantic” running for 25 years is a story where our hero falls in love with her at first sight and tries to woo her in every creepy way. Either by getting close physically or any other creepy antics. And on the other sides, her father is controlling him like a robot to follow Indian culture. He fixes her marriage in her childhood with one of his friends’ son. Our heroine, born and brought to London, has only one ambition to be loved and get married. Her only dream in life is to visit Europe. I am still not able to find any love or romance in this movie.

  1. Gender inequality:

Even though the filmmakers do not intend to promote or show gender inequality, they are doing it. And if they know they are doing it; they are ignoring it. There are many things shown in the movies if the hero does is okay and if heroine or any other female characters tries to do is considered wrong.

  1. Fake feminism:

Bollywood is getting better at making female-centric movies and giving importance to heroines as well. But still, their ignorance of researching the reality makes the whole point of showing a strong female character or feminism wrong. Consider this movie Gulabo Sitabo. In one scene where a girl is using the boy dares to confront him with that and tells him to leave if he has a problem, there are many more boys for her. The main problem with this is they are glorifying it as feminism.

Depicting feminism means portraying equal opportunities and showing a strong female character who knows what she wants. And not undermining male characters.

  1. Stereotyping everything:

Bollywood movie makers have these small and limited minds that they stereotype everything based on their limited thinking without researching anything in reality. For, e.g., a person from South India will be serious, angry, and speak of a specific slang that I haven’t heard from a single person living. Like People from the north, specifically, Punjabis are just shown Dumb, Excited, and wanting alcohol anytime.

Like Homosexual or gay characters, where a male gay character’s behavior is like a girl and wants to be with any man he meets.

  1. Colorism:

Along with our education system, Bollywood movies have played a part in shaping us constantly in favor of fair people. Fuck it; they don’t even cast an actor with a complexion to play the character with a complexion in a movie that encourages criticism on colorism.

I am not saying every Bollywood movie is terrible. Yes, some movies nowadays are made with an excellent social message and deliver great points. The moviemakers are responsible for making more movies on topics that are mainly considered taboo based on reality and not in their delusions. We as an audience should be responsible for promoting and understand the point they are trying to make.

I am a Blogger, Writer and Businessman. Over the 22 years of my life, I figured out 2 things; 1) I am Interested in everything 2) I think a lot. And I believe those who think a lot, can write a lot. These 2 points made me come to conclusion of writing and blogging.

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