The Real Concept Of God

First, I would like to clarify that I am not against any Gods or any religion, I do believe in them as you do. Just my way of believing in them is different than yours. Everyone in this world should believe in God or in the concept of God.

Since ancient times, we are told to put our faith in Gods, worship them, and follow them. But we aren’t told why we should put faith in them, why should we follow them and how should we follow them. People have misconceptions regarding the concept of Gods. We think that just worshiping the Gods is the way to follow them, but no. Worshiping just them will never lead you to follow their paths. It’s because they possess some powers that are meant to be followed.

So, what are the powers that God possessed; and why we should follow?

  • Nobility: Every God in the world had these powers of nobility, humility, and kindness. These are among the most wonderful powers the Gods possess. Even in the darkest of times, they have kept kindness in front of all.
  • Help: Gods were helper, that’s the reason why people worship them. Anyone, anywhere in the world, in any difficult situation turns and begs to God for help. It is because we believe that Gods will help us and set everything right for us.
  • Right the Wrong: Gods are those who have the power to filter out the rights and wrongs, always stand by and do the right things even in most difficult situations, and transforming the wrongs into rights. Lord Krishna advised Arjun to do what is right, even if he had to kill his own brothers for that. Jesus was hanged on the cross because he stood by what was right. That’s the reason people still worship him.
  • Confidence: Gods had confidence at par. Everything they did, they did with confidence. Due to which the results of all things they were in favor of them. But they also knew the difference between confidence and over-confidence. They knew that overconfidence and ego can lead them to become demons and that was the only difference between demons and Gods.
  • Positivity: Gods were the masters of positivity; they didn’t let external factors control their minds and thoughts. You don’t just visit temples or church or mosque or any other place to pray in front of God, you go there because there is peace, there is harmony which helps you achieve anything you begged to the God by yourself. That is because when you visit there, you know God is with you and that creates positive vibes in your mind.

Now, think deeply which of the above-given powers; we cannot achieve? We can be noble and kind, We can help others, We can figure out right and wrong and always stand by what is right, We can have the confidence to achieve anything, We ourselves can create a positive environment which others can benefit. The Gods were not Gods by birth, it was their principles, values and morals (which are the above-given powers) which made them Gods of people. These principles are the Gods, not any mythological being.

Them who we consider the Gods taught us the way to live our lives and to follow these principles but we kept them so high above us that their lessons are not able to reach down on us. They are our teachers, companions, who are inside us; not someone to be kept in closed doors. Every Prayer, every holy book, every story on Gods teaches us these powers, but we have created misconceptions regarding the Gods and have fallen in the hallucinations of “God: A powerful being which controls everything”.

Instead of following the path of these powers, we are following different mythological creatures. Instead of looking into ourselves, we rely on ‘The Gods of temples’ to help us and solve our problems. But, our problems can never be solved, if we sit ideally waiting for the Gods to magically solve it. Because there is no such thing. I repeat, these principles are the real Gods, not any other being.

Remember, we are the center of our life and these principles/powers are a center of ourselves.

End Note:

Following these principles will not only lead you to your better life, but it will help other people’s lives get better. Consider these principles the real gods and follow them with utmost faith. Everything else will fall into places on it own.

Be kind, believe in yourself!

I am a Blogger, Writer and Businessman. Over the 22 years of my life, I figured out 2 things; 1) I am Interested in everything 2) I think a lot. And I believe those who think a lot, can write a lot. These 2 points made me come to conclusion of writing and blogging.

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