Tough times test your Kindness, Nobility and Humility.

I may betray my skills, but they won’t

If you are strong enough from inside, no one in this world can destroy you from the outside

BE MORE APPRECIATIVE. Hard Times make you realize the importance of simplicity! Or else, you just want more and more

If it’s not in our culture that doesn’t mean it’s wrong

Do the job you don’t need a Monday Motivation

Follow the only most faithful religion in the world: Humanity

If you love travelling, you don’t need to find that in anyone else

Every one have 4 different faces, 1) That they show to the world, 2) That they show to their family and friends 3) That they show to their most loved ones 4) That is within them, which is never shown to anyone

The worst thing about good time is that they end. The best thing about bad time is that it ends

What we think and How we behave determines what we are else its just flesh and bones

Death: The most certain Uncertainty

Your Success is based on how well you live your life and not how well you pretend to live