How to deal with depression and help others?

Recent times and related events have brought light to this engraving danger which lies inside and kills you outside. Yes, Depression is no less than most deadly virus of the world. It’s not like any other virus or disease that enters from external sources and harm your body internally, It’s a Mental Disease that is born in your mind and till you realize you’re depressed, the harm’s already done. The most dangerous thing about having depression is people don’t realize the problem and become ignorant of the consequences the disease preserve. If anyone is suffering from depression, he/she will never try to expose his/her situation even to their loved ones, because even their loved ones will ignore the seriousness of the situation and will wave it off by one thing or another. Depression can only be cured by counselling, positivity around you and people’s support.

So, how do you know if you’re Depressed?

There are different aspects of your life: Work-Life, Love Life, Family Life, Life with friends, etc.. So, anything bad happening in any aspect of life can lead to depression.

  • You feel sad and have bad thoughts a major part of your day.
  • You feel useless and a failure for a major part of the day.
  • You cannot feel good even around good things.
  • You have suicidal thoughts. Even if you don’t have suicidal thoughts, but you don’t care about your life anymore.
  • You don’t feel like eating anything or feel like eating the whole kitchen out.
  • You feel guilty of everything you do.
  • Irritation, Fatigue, and Anxiety are some of the symptoms of depression.

How can you deal with it?

Dealing with your thoughts is a major part of dealing with depression. So when you feel low, change the focus of your thoughts from bad thoughts to good thoughts. Shifting your thoughts to good ones will lead to positivity and heal your mental wound to a great level. Keep in mind only one thing, when you feel sad or have bad thoughts, change the thoughts instantly.

Read Books

There are many ways to change your thoughts to good ones and feel positive every time you feel depressed. Reading books can be an integral part of that process. I can tell you from my example that since I started reading books, my way of thinking, and my thought process has changed drastically. No, I wasn’t depressed, but yeah I felt low many time and everyone in this world feel low. But reading books have helped me change my thought process very well. There are many self-help books you can read to fight against depression, but “The Secret” is one of the best self-help books I’ve read. “The Secret” tells you that you get, you live and you become anything you think. Your thoughts are everything happening with your life. Everything bad you experienced, everything good you experienced are the results of your thoughts. The book teaches you and you are the only person that can decide how you

Keep Your Mind Busy

Keeping your mind busy can prevent bad thoughts to emerge. And it can shift your feelings from good to bad. Be it reading, watching movies, writing, exercising, meditation, etc. etc. etc. Anything that can change your thoughts and feelings from negative to positive, just do that, only that. Keep your mind busy and go with the flow. And when you have successfully changed the thoughts, don’t let it ruined by thinking of bad things again.

Talk it out

Sharing how feel and what you think to your loved ones can be the best healer in depression. Because, if you don’t share your thoughts, you will get imprisoned in your own mind, and then it will be very tough for you to get out of that. So, just talk it out. You can talk with anyone, your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your wife, your best friend, your loved one, anyone. But, if you are not strong enough to open up in front of anyone who you know, you can always go for counseling. That’s where the Mental Health Advisors and Counselors play the part, you can talk to them whatever you feel or think. It doesn’t matter if the thoughts you have bad or sad or much worse, they will listen to you carefully, advise you in your best interest and (the most important part, read it carefully) THEY WILL NOT JUDGE YOU. So, it’s best if you feel shy to share it with your loved ones, you can share it with a complete stranger who also happens to be an advisor – A counselor.

How can you help someone fight the Depression?

You aren’t depressed but someone in your closed ones may be suffering, reach out to him/her and take the responsibility to fight his/her depression. Depression is not the thing to be ignored or make joke-off. It may not change anything for you, but the person suffering will go deeper and deeper in his own shit hole of depression.

Don’t Judge

The first and foremost thing which we can do to help people deal with depression is to stop judging them. Judging and commenting on them without having the full knowledge of the situation is the last thing you should be doing as a human. Instead, you should feel responsible to take care of that person. He is as ill as any person with physical illness is, It’s just that you cannot see it, but you have to feel it. And it’s not something which can only be done by suffering the person’s close ones. It’s the work which we all have to do collectively. Spreading hate is easy, but spreading positivity and love is needed. Be a responsible person!

Be the person they talk to

You can neither ignore the situation of the person who is depressed, nor ignore the person who is suffering. If you know someone is feeling depressed, you will have to be responsible to talk them out of the situation. They will try to not talk about that and not open up in fear of judgments, but it’s you who will have to make them feel safe and let them talk about the situation. And not just talk for the sake of talking, listen and understand everything about the other person’s situation, this will not only help him to open up more but your sincere advice given to him will create a lasting impact on his mind. And he will feel safe in talking with you in future. Make them feel positive.

Force them to counsel

Even after you offer to listen to them, they might not open up regarding their situation. In that case, you will have to tell them to get the counsel. They will be so imprisoned in their mind that they will not do anything to open up and release the pressure. But, if you know that the person is not good, force him/her to join the counselling and even persuade, if necessary. Because it’s the right and helpful thing only you can do, no one else.

We human are given a great gift of feelings and emotions. Help yourself and your surroundings with it.

I am a Blogger, Writer and Businessman. Over the 22 years of my life, I figured out 2 things; 1) I am Interested in everything 2) I think a lot. And I believe those who think a lot, can write a lot. These 2 points made me come to conclusion of writing and blogging.

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