Everything That Goes Wrong With The Perks Of Social Media

I don’t really need to explain the perks that social media brings us. But all these perks bring their own consequences. As much good social media platforms do to people, the consequences of those perks are far worse, because they are neither tangible nor visible. They will keep harming you little and little until it piles up to be a disaster in your life. In the aftermath you will realize what happened and how it happened. And I would like to share those consequences with you.

  • The Addiction social media gives you to stick to it everytime. Compromising your productivity and other things that are much more valuable.
  • Social Media gives you the freedom to share your views and comments on anything and anyone, But that freedom leads the people to spread hate Intentionally or Unintentionally. Before sharing anything hateful (even in the name of humor), just know the consequences, because your comment or post can impact someone’s life in very bad way
  • Social Media has given many people great fame and recognition, but along with that it has also given the desire of being famous to others. And to fulfill those desires to become famous, people tend to do many unnecessary things.
  • The right to post anything and share your view point is great. But to judge and insult in the name of opinion is just a sign of misery.
  • Forged Information: Any News or Information share on social media is not shared as it is, but its shared with an opinion and single perspective which leads you to judge with the lack of knowledge.
  • Sharing everything you do to your followers is okay, but doing everything just for the sake of sharing with your followers is bad. It enslaves your life in that little social media world and controls you irrespective of your needs. Hence the Social Media Fake Life overtakes your real life and you cannot escape it.
  • In the attempt to show off their fake life, the people loose the honesty and integrity within them. No matter what, people should keep honesty in mind while sharing anything.
  • With the constant need to engage with the audience/followers, people are forced to share anything without either knowledge of the posts they are sharing or the consequences of the post they are sharing. Meme Pages are quite good example of this, with the requirement to remain engaged with their audience they sometimes post blindly anything without knowing what kind of impact will be created. Of course, they post in humorous way, but the posts should be published with proper knowledge and the information should not mislead people into judgements.

You, Me and everyone is already sunken in these consequences, but we can still avoid the consequences and the only way to avoid these to lower down the usage of social media upto the extent that our life should not depend on and revolve around it. I hope we could avail the benefits that social media has brought us to connect with the people around the world, but within the limit that it does not affect our personalities. Good Luck!

I am a Blogger, Writer and Businessman. Over the 22 years of my life, I figured out 2 things; 1) I am Interested in everything 2) I think a lot. And I believe those who think a lot, can write a lot. These 2 points made me come to conclusion of writing and blogging.

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