About Me

I am Jeet, A Writer, Blogger, and Businessman. I am in the blogging field since 5 years and have built and run numerous blogs. But till now, I hired writers to writer contents for my blogs. But, last year I decided to write for one of my blogs as I wasn’t convinced with my writers work. That’s when I found interest in writing. For practise I started writing for a few projects of my clients, that went well, the clients were pleased with the quality I provided. But, instead of writing for clients and on their topics, I’d rather write for my own and on the topics which interests me.

Thus, I build this blog: Writingjeet.com. This blog is a platform to channel my thought on various things. I write and publish what I feel like sharing with you all. All the contents here depict my thoughts and perspective on those topics respectively. As, I am interested in basically everything, this blog is not confined to any particular niche. This blog cover my contents, stories, books and photographs (Yes, I am a photographer as well) Feel free to look out my photos in the Photography section.

Any content published here does not represent any one, is neither biased, nor unbiased to anyone. I do not appreciate spreading any kind of false rumors.

You can connect with me here:

Facebook: Jeet.9733

Instagram: Jeet__37