9 Things We Should Normalize But We Cannot.

The World is progressing so much and so fast that if we do not change our thinking, we would not just be left behind, but would be forgotten. Take any example of people refraining to change. For the change to happen we need to think differently and to think differently, first we need to normalize somethings which are considered abnormal. Out of everything, I’ve gathered these 9 things which should start normalizing from today.

  1. Taking Mental Health seriously. Even after so many cases and campaigns we witness everyday, we are not taking mental health seriously. 
  2. Fair, perfect body is beautiful. But dark, brown, dusky or black skin, a fat body is ALSO BEAUTIFUL. No kind of physical appearance should be used to judge a person.
  3. Sex Education. Our schools are already insufficient on this topic. So, educating and talking about Sex and its related things can solve many teenage problems.
  4. Nothing is limited to a single gender. A Female can work, A male can manage home.
  5. Considering Same-sex relationship as normal as opposite-sex relationship.
  6. Not getting embarrassed or ashamed of even hearing the word ‘Menstruation’ or ‘Periods’. You got what I am saying.
  7. Respected is not demanded based on your age or authority. It is earned.
  8. Any Passion can be turned into profession.
  9. Marry when you feel like marrying, not because you are aging.

Even though these things should be normalized, we cannot do that. Why?

Mental Health

Because first of all we don’t even consider mental health as a real issue. Know why? Because we aren’t taught anything about mental health in our school. Our education system is so bad that we don’t even consider teaching kids about mental health in their whole school life. Every year Depression kills thousands and thousands of people. No physical problem, just depression. But still, we don’t understand its importance and the danger level it poses. Now, if it was considered as normal as a physical problem or any other disease, we would be living in a Pandemic all our life.

Judging on Physical Appearance

Judging people based on their physical appearance is bad, and it should happen. But we cannot prevent it, you know why? Because again it is our school system that teaches this Bullshit when we are young. Don’t believe me? check this image given below. It’s a photo printed in a book of class 1.

This Picture Was Spotted In A Children's Textbook. What The Hell Are We  Teaching Our Kids?

Another part that is played in molding our brains like this is Bollywood. Bollywood movies are the worst thing that can happen to us. In the name of entertainment we are fed misogyny, female objectification, discrimination, love at first sight crap, and many other things. For decades we are taught through advertisements, movies and education that being fair is beautiful and being black or dark is ugly. Now the things which are deeply embedded in our system cannot be easily changed. But it’s wrong, so we should change it.


The situation is so bad that I feel embarrassed to share this article with you now that I have anything about ‘SEX’, ‘Menstruation’ ‘Any Sexual Problem’. All these things are ignored in such a way that everybody knows everything but no one wants to talk about it. I am not talking about talking openly to everyone but the necessary discussions which need to be done, should be done. There is nothing wrong and most importantly nothing to Ashamed of in talking about these things.

The Biggest Irony is now that I’ve written about this, people would assume that I have any such problem.

Gender Based Limitations

Know this, Ladies are not subjected to just be a housewife and gents are not subjected to just be a wage earner. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you like working in your home and not in business. And there is nothing wrong about ladies working out there. This Gender limited mentality should be changed. Everyone has this right to be who they want to be. 

We should not limit our possibilities just because we are raised that way.

Leave alone Same-Sex relationships, there are still many societies in India that don’t even consider love marriage a good thing. People are so conserved with old thinking that they still consider Homosexual situation as a joke (initially), not real (in the middle) and a medical problem (in the end) which can be solved.


The age-authority problem, which means that “I am right and you respect because I am older than you” no matter what. Respect is not demanded based on anything, it needs to be earned. If you are arguing with your parents or any other elder relative and hs/she shuts you off with an elder card and you cannot argue back, then there is something wrong in that relationship and this ‘age-authority’ problem should be solved.

Jobs and Marriage

“Get a Stable Job, you’re 25” “When will you marry?, you are 26” These are the things which young people between the age group of 23-30 has to hear every time. But know this, there is no age limit in getting married. You get married when you want to. Not when you need to or forced to. And If you don’t want to marry or be in a relationship, don’t. There is nothing wrong in Being single. You can focus on yourself and other important things in your life. 

And about the jobs, there is no job in this world which is stable. Anything can happen anytime. And in today’s times there are no limits in the number of things you can do as a profession. Don’t limit yourself with just jobs and businesses as a profession.

Don’t limit your possibilities just because you are raised that way

I am a Blogger, Writer and Businessman. Over the 22 years of my life, I figured out 2 things; 1) I am Interested in everything 2) I think a lot. And I believe those who think a lot, can write a lot. These 2 points made me come to conclusion of writing and blogging.

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