25 Countries That Have Upper Hand On Covid19

Covid19 or more precisely Coronavirus Disease 2019 has shaken the world to its roots since the last 5 months. Originating from Wuhan city in Hubei province of china, this human transmitted virus has reached over 215 Countries of the world. With over 5.5 million cases worldwide, the disease has impacted countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, etc harshly. But, with the passing days, the control of coronavirus over countries is also loosening. There are many countries in the world who have flattened the curve and are past the wave.

Here is the list of countries that have been successful to control the spread and have an upper hand over the disease:

  • Germany: With over 180k Cases, Germany was one of the hardest-hit countries, but due to various restrictions and Lockdown in the country they have been able to hold the control now. Germany was aware of the disease from the beginning so they were well prepared. Preparations included Health care facilities for the treatment of infected patients, increase in the number of intensive care units from 12000 to 40000 beds. Being the home of laboratories, Germany conducted over 3.5 million tests. Now it’s number of daily new cases has dropped since all of May.
  • Spain: Spain is also in the top 5 of the hardest-hit countries. It has over 280K cases, but it’s successful in lowering the new cases and hence, increases in recovery and decrease in active cases has been possible. The number of active cases is falling continuously since April 23. Current active stands at 57K+ and recovered cases stand at 196K+
  • Japan: Japan, Considered as one of the most disciplined country has yet again proved to the world that even without any restrictions or lockdown they have managed to control the spread very effectively and have been able to flatten the curve. They too ran the same strategy: More and more testing. The death rate in Japan is also very low compared to other nations. Most of the country has lifted the emergency status and the rest will be done by Monday.
  • Switzerland: Another European Country which is successful in flattening the curve. The first case of Covid19 was reported on Feb 25 but jumped to more than 10000 cases in a month. But with Intensive testing and nationwide lockdown, they managed to flatten the curve with just around 1700 total new cases in last month. They, now have merely 730 active cases and declining constantly.
  • Australia: Australia reported its first case on 25 Jan, but the government officials were already prepared for it and started implementing these procedures. With these measures, the number of cases rose to just 2676 in a month. They implemented lockdown in the country on March 13 and since then they have been able to control the spread very successfully with the highest single-day spike of just 537. With average daily new cases of 20 recorded in whole may, Australia is moving forward to ease the lockdown restrictions in three phases.
  • New Zealand: Another Female-Led Country which has successfully countered the Coronavirus attack. The Prime Minister of New Zealand: Jacinda Ardren was already beware of China’s situation and put a ban on all the flights coming from China even when they didn’t record any case in February. Only the people who had stayed for more than 14 days in any country was allowed to enter New Zealand and had to remain in isolation. Right now, With no new cases since 19th May, 98% of all the cases recovered and 2% Deaths, they have 1 Active case right now!! Yes, they have practically won over Covid19.
  • South Korea: South Korea is one of the first countries that hit by Covid19, Initially they recorded numerous cases. Their highest daily new cases reached to 851, but with intensive testing, contact tracing and containing the positive patients limited the spread of the virus to a great level. Their number of active cases is declining since May 15. Recently they got hit by the second wave of the virus, but with the Curve of active cases going down and the curve of total cases flattening; we can figure out that the spread of virus is limited in South Korea.
  • Thailand: Josh Hopkins University ranked Thailand as Asia’s prepared country in dealing with Covid19 and 6th among all the hit countries of the world. Thailand was also among the first hit countries of the world, But with the preventive measure were taken to control its spread. The country went into a state of emergency from March 26 to April 30. Many regions were in lockdown and a Health surveillance system was placed in all of its airports. With the number of active cases under 100, the country has lifted lockdown but its citizens are told to maintain hygiene and social distance at their homes, workplaces, schools, etc.
  • Taiwan: Taiwan was one of the countries hard hit by SARs in 2003, but since then they have been constantly preparing for more such outbreaks. And these preparations have helped them in dealing with the covid19 outbreak. They successfully managed to have control over the spread even without imposing lockdown and shutting the country. They just implemented border quarantining and 14-day home quarantining for the passengers arriving from different nations. They also made an electronic system for the local people in quarantine in which they had to fill in their health information. Then they were sent a declaration pass in connection with a nearby community care center. The data of the people in quarantine was stored by government and fine was imposed on those who offend the procedure.

Along with these 9 countries there are 16 other countries are slowly and steadily flattening the curve and hence are noteworthy to get mentioned:

COUNTRIES Total Cases Recovered Active
Italy 233515 160092 39893
Turkey 165555 129921 31049
Iran 157562 123077 26543
Chile 108868 86173 21325
Mexico 97326 70308 16381
Singapore 35836 12175 12637
Israel 17285 14940 2055
Ireland 25066 22089 1319
Finland 6887 5500 1067
Denmark 11734 10489 665
Norway 8455 7727 491
Austria 16759 15629 461
Slovakia 1522 1372 122
Luxembourg 4020 3848 62
Croatia 2088 2088 55



Just an optimistic fact; Covid19 has surpassed over 6 million cases. And these aren’t just cases these are battles between people and virus. The good thing is out of every 100 battles fought; the virus has won only 11 times.

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